A UX Designer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. My whole life I’ve had a passion for helping others and making people happy. This passion led me to look for an understanding of how people think and feel about what brings them joy. These items can be services or products alike. I want to be able to improve and create products that will help those around me.

I have a professional background in food and beverage, e-commerce, and project management. I’ve had the opportunity to work with diverse teams, ranging in different ages and backgrounds giving me a huge boost to my emotional intelligence allowing me to better understand those around me and build empathy for all I encounter. I’ve used my extensive knowledge and background with my love and talent for art to expand myself by taking on commissions. These commissions allow me to have firsthand experience dealing with clients and improving my artistic skill base, such as an aesthetic eye, color palettes, conveying emotion through visual aids, and creating clear and concessive illustrations based on the request of clients. With the experiences I’ve had with my background, I’ve gained an appreciation for the experiences that others have had. Their experiences helped me grow as a designer who is empathetic, listens with compassion, and asks the right questions.

I hope to expand my knowledge and grow into a design role as either a contracted or in-house UX Designer down the line. The goal is to achieve this within a year or so. Preferably this will bring me closer to my goal to help create and improve products for those around me and the public as a whole.

Aside from being a digital artist, and a designer, and learning more about helping users, I spend my time socializing with friends and networking within my city. I spend most of my days getting to know people around me and their goals. Unrelated to my design work I have a passion for helping those I care about and achieving their goals as well. If you can’t find me doing that, you can catch me with my wife enjoying time at the park or in the gym trying to stay healthy.
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